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Electrolube Green LLC manufactures Bypass Oil Refiners and related equipment

The Electrolube Bypass Refiner was the first of its kind improve oil cleaning of running equipment.   The oil cleaning is so effective, it competes with modern oil recycling equipment.

It’s patented design uses a 2 stage process to accomplish thorough cleaning of the oil.  The first stage is the dense filter element made of specially formulated fiber material that absorbs liquids and restrains solids larger than 5 microns.  With additional filter pads, filtering up to 1 micron is achievable.
The second stage is performed in the evaporation chamber, where water and fuel contaminants are removed from the oil through evaporation.
The overall result is that residues, carbon particles, metal particles are effectively removed. Acid forming is practically inhibited by the very low water content remaining in the oil.

This bypass filter assists the factory installed lubrication filtering system, and does not replace it.  Whereas the manufacturers lubrication systems’ primary goal is to ensure lubrication at all times, some concession had to be made.  Generally the in-line filters used need to be coarser (30 to 50 microns), and be equipped with a pressure controlled bypass valve to ensure the oil flow is never interrupted.
Since the Electrolube Bypass Filter is not in-line it can filter out finer material.  Even though the oil flow splits in 2 runs, eventually all the oil will be treated by the Bypass Filter.

What does this mean to the user?

  • Drastic increase of the required oil change interval, saving the cost in material (oil), labor and lost time.  Multiples of over 5 times the usual interval are the rule.  However, changing paper based in-line oil filters should be done more frequently. 
  • Fuel savings as the better quality oil improves the lubrication;
  • Longer equipment life: Expect more than 50% longer equipment life
  • Increase your Environmental Green Footprint by avoiding thousands of gallons of oil over the lifetime of your equipment.

Performance has been proven by independent laboratory tests before and during long term operation.

When do I change the Bypass Filter Element?

We recommend taking an oil sample from time to time and send it to an independent lab for verification.  You will first see drastic improvements in the quality of the oil used in your equipment.  As the results start to lower, it is time to change the Refiner Filter Element.  Depending on the usage between 4 to 6 times the Equipment Manufacturer's Recommended Oil Change Interval.

What oil can I use with the Electrolube refiners?

Any oil you would normally use: regular, synthetic, racing formula.  Even hydraulic oil in the case of hydraulic equipment.



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